Project: Report Cruncher

There is an impressive turnout of 7315 participants from across the globe, with 506 teams presenting 88 working prototypes! We are fortunately selected as top 7 finalists.

Report Cruncher is an innovative financial analysis platform that simplifies financial reports for retail investors. The platform's use of advanced machine learning algorithms and user-friendly interface makes it the perfect tool for anyone looking to make informed investment decisions. The incorporation of the GPT-3 Curie model fine-tuned with the ECTSum dataset ensures that users receive easy-to-understand financial data. Report Cruncher's business model, which relies on attracting and keeping subscribers through a subscription-based model, is sound and has the potential to generate a sustainable revenue stream. The team's plans to introduce chained prompts and fine-tune the Davinci model demonstrate a commitment to continuous improvement. Overall, Report Cruncher has the potential to be a valuable resource for retail investors seeking to make informed decisions in the stock market.

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2023-02-25~2023-03-05 OpenAI Stack Hackathon 2023