Fine-tune GPT-3 model

Fine-tune OpenAI GPT-3 model. It was done in March 2023.

SinoPac 永豐金證券期貨 Python API (Shioaji)

永豐金證券期貨是台灣交易量排名第四的券商,為了做quant trading做準備,測試Python API. It was done in May 2023.

React todo app

React JS 18 Todo App. It was done in September 2022.

TMUxMIT Hackathon 2018

Save Me Earlier System
Real-time Monitoring and Alert System in ICU
It was developed during 10/19~10/21 TMU x MIT hackathon in 2018.

Free letsencrypt SSL certificate on GoDaddy

Let's Encrypt is Free SSL/TLS Certificates, and there should be easy way to issue SSL/TLS, deploy, and auto-renewal


Java web framework is the main stream for large and stable websites. From this report, Comparing JVM Web Frameworks - February 2014, Spring MVC is the most widely used one. I combined Spring MVC 4 and Bootstrap 3 as an initial setup project. It's also cloud deploy-able. It was done in September 2014 Labor's day long weekend.

Setting up a website on Heroku

Cloud is getting more and more popular. Amazon is famous for its EC2, S3 (Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)). Heroku is easier for developers to deploy free small webapp (Platform as a service(PaaS)). People are afraid of once they are in a PaaS, they are locked in, and they are hard to get out. I wrote a small website in Heroku to see how much I need to taylor my code to fit into PaaS. It was done in August 2014.

Avro serialization on Hadoop File System

There are three major serialization methods of data, Avro, Protocol Buffers, and Thrift. In my company, we choose Avro. I feel that someone might have the same question about reading and writing Avro records, so this is for future reference only. It was done in April 2013.

Geomertry construction

This was homework collection when I studied in NTHU university in 2003.