How to run todo-app and deploy to Firebase

By Jason Tzu-Cheng Chuang 2022-09-10

Git repsository

git clone

Software version

  • React 18.2.0


npm install


npm start


Runs the app in the development mode.

Open http://localhost:3000 to view it in the browser.

Set up firebase

npm install -g firebase-tools
firebase login
npm run build

Step 4: Initialize Firebase in Your React App

firebase init
  • For the first question select option Hosting: Configure and deploy Firebase Hosting sites.

  • In the second question that is Project setup, Select Use an existing project, and in that select Firebase project name that you have created.

  • And the last part is the Hosting setup part here you will need to specify the folder where Firebase will look for assets to deploy. By default, the build folder will contain the production assets. So Enter build as an answer to this option.

  • For Configure as a single-page app question enter y for this option.

  • The last question is whether or not to overwrite your existing build/index.htmlfile. So You’ll want to enter N (No) for this option because we want actual index.html file that Reacts is generated while creating the build.

Run simulator in local machine

firebase simulators:start

Open browser, and type in the following


Step5 Deploy to firebase

firebasae deploy

Check deployed website

Or visit the website for demo