How to install letsencrypt SSL/TLS certificate on GoDaddy shared hosting

By Tzu-Cheng Chuang 4-29-2018

Purpose: Easily set up letsencrypt SSL/TLS certificate on Godaddy shared hosting


1. SSH to log into your Godaddy shared hosting terminal

2. Download and install

[user@host ~]curl | sh
[user@host ~]wget -O - | sh

3. Check directory ~/

[user@host ~]ls /home/{YOUR_USER_NAME}/

4. Exit the shell and re-login to make the alias working

[user@host ~]exit

5. Issue SSL certificate

[user@host ~] --force --issue -d {YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME} -d www.{YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME}  -w ~/public_html 

6. Deploy SSL to Godaddy host

[user@host ~] --deploy -d {YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME} -d www.{YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME} --deploy-hook cpanel_uapi 

7.You are done. Note: the cron job to auto-renew SSL certificate is also set-up. Check the cron job by the following.

[user@host ~]crontab -l
23 0 * * * "/home/user/"/ --cron --home "/home/user/" > /dev/null


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